DFMS example – Man on Fire

Another example for Dead Furry Man Syndrome (DFMS). This is the best scene of the movie Man on Fire with Denzel Washington. Unfortunately that cute cuddly guy just lost his shirt and thus his fate is sealed. Obviously he is the bad guy, too. What a coincidence. All stereotypes have been served. Shame on  you Hollywood.


Dead Furry Man Syndrome

Just recently watching The Walking Dead Season 6 I came across the Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Which is already sad enough. The DLS indicates that in Hollywood productions lesbian characters will always die after their homosexuality is being revealed. This is very similar to the observation which I already made some time ago in one of my first blog entries.

Therefore I am giving it a name: Dead Furry Man Syndrome (DFMS). It is a pity that stocky men in movies are almost always instantly killed after showing their chest. Also that furry men are always used for criminal characters and the heroes are always smooth, and always being captured in an admiring way when taking off their shirts.

It is such a shame that the movie industry has to work with such stereotypes. If you have some further examples please leave a comment below. I will have a look into it and add it.

Where the Bears are – Season 4

Just last week the new season of Where the Bears are started. This time everything is more professional, especially the acting. I liked it so far, so please enjoy with me two new episodes every week.

Atlantis – BBC Series

Mark Addy can now be seen in the BBC series “Atlantis”. As the grumpily cute Hercules he is giving the show the right amount of humor and of course outplaying all of the other characters. Luckily he is running around all the time with a cute beard and open shirted. In episode 6 of series 1 you can even see him without shirt at all in an arena fight for Medusa.

“Where the Bears are” are collecting for a new season

Hello everybody,

where the bears are, are collecting for season 4 via kickstarter. Have a look at the video here.

I hope this time the stocky chief officer will get a longer top-less scene. Unfortunately in this video he is the only one hiding again.

The Walking Dead

The walking Dead is another big example that fits exactly into my drawn picture of discrimination against bears in movies. Despite the fact that it is a great and entertaining series, the killing scheme is more than obvious. If you are a bear or you gained too much weight you are most likely to die soon. And if you get a speaking part as well then your fate will be sealed in the same episode. Only the thin and ugly survive.
That annoyed me right from the beginning. What makes this even more unbearable now is that with the fourth season they enhanced that scheme. Now even those are going to die who still believe in humanity and still have something intelligent or peacefully to say. If you apply these two schemes to the show you can predict 97% of the major protagonist’s kills.
Try it out. I will. Even though all of this annoys me to the limit I cannot help but watching it. Somehow it gives a certain spice to the show and the extra bit of hopelessness, which is part of the concept. And maybe I can improve my theory and hit 100 %.

Where The Bears Are – Season 3

Where The Bears Are started with their new Season. I am curious what is going to happen in this one. Stay tuned and watch it on youtube.

Nick Frost Loves Being A Big Gay Icon

This is why we love Nick Frost 🙂 … Some may say he is making fun of gay bears. But being entertaining that is just kind of his job, isn’t it. The important thing is he is not offended at all. And I am looking forward to the day when he actually poses in that magazine.

Jim Beaver – Bear Filmography

He plays my favourite character Bobby Singer in the great series Supernatural. Unfortunately he never looses his shirt there. Which brings me back to my usual complaint: why are Sam and Dean always taking of their shirts off but Bobby doesn’t. Not even when he is in the hospital. In season 7 you can catch a glimpse, but just before you can see right, the stupid nurse pulls the curtain.

But you can see his chest in the series Deadwood (Season 3, episode 5). And I must say he is really cute there, too.

– Supernatural (series)
– Deadwood (series)

Fuera de carta

This is one must-see movie. One of my favourites. And this time not only because of the cute actor Javier Cámara. He plays the chef Maxi who owns a restaurant in Madrid. He and his female friend who works at the restaurant, too, are very much into their new neighbour. A famous soccer player. But unfortunately they don’t know about that. So it’s a great comedy about straight and gay love. Especially when Maxi’s children arrive and things get out of hand.

Between all the funny scenes the director finds enough space for deep and thoughtful moments. Simply a brilliant movie.

Fuera de carta (2008)