The Walking Dead

The walking Dead is another big example that fits exactly into my drawn picture of discrimination against bears in movies. Despite the fact that it is a great and entertaining series, the killing scheme is more than obvious. If you are a bear or you gained too much weight you are most likely to die soon. And if you get a speaking part as well then your fate will be sealed in the same episode. Only the thin and ugly survive.
That annoyed me right from the beginning. What makes this even more unbearable now is that with the fourth season they enhanced that scheme. Now even those are going to die who still believe in humanity and still have something intelligent or peacefully to say. If you apply these two schemes to the show you can predict 97% of the major protagonist’s kills.
Try it out. I will. Even though all of this annoys me to the limit I cannot help but watching it. Somehow it gives a certain spice to the show and the extra bit of hopelessness, which is part of the concept. And maybe I can improve my theory and hit 100 %.


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