Cuddly guys in movies

Have you ever wondered why the thin and smooth guys are always the heroes in Movies? I have. There is a special scheme in Hollywood Movies which is offending all hairy looking guys: Hairy and overweight guys are always either the stupid guys or the bad guys. And if you dare undress and show your hairy chest in a movie you are going to die in the next scene. Take for example the movies The Mummy or Man on Fire. Examples which exactly fit my thesis. The message is: If you are hairy or overweight you are not supposed to live.

And this coincides exactly with the biased view which is provided in commercials. In order to be sexy and successfull you have to be thin and smooth. Which is a shame, because it is simply not true. It only makes people feel ashamed of their body. Make them endure painful waxing procedures, hunting after a BMI which is simply set too low by the industry. And this affects of course men and women.
Years ago the normal weight was height in KG plus 10%. Nowadays it is much lower.
And it is getting worse. Getting back to the movies, the best example are the James Bond movies. There the usually hairy actor was replaced by a completely hairless guy (aside from that he is blond anyway)

When are we going to wake up and do not listen to these messages anymore? And just be ourself inside and outside.


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