Tropic Thunder

This movie is a perfect example for Hollywood’s disposition for cliché. For the creators it wasn’t enough to write a stupid story and sell it as comedy. No, in order to make up for the missing plot, they filled it with bad jokes and overloaded it with stereotypes. Unfortunately this is very common nowadays. The lesser the logic the more special effects and sterotypes. You will find it in lots of movies. Just keep your eyes open.

But coming back to this movie. Why would you take a completely smooth actor like Tom Cruise and just because he plays the bad guy, you transform him into a hairy man with beard. Not only is this procedure time-consuming and thus very expensive, but totally unnecessary. I don’t like Tom Cruise so much in his movies, but he is a decent actor, and capable of playing a bad guy without any disguise. But Hollywood’s standards demanded a hairy guy as bad guy.

Another example for the thesis I mentioned earler. Yuck …!!!


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